Atlean before summer time

Publicado el 22 de March de 2012

Atlean is a facial filling product that we use to avoid or  decrease the facial skin flaccidity, it is composed by a mixture of hialuronic acid and ßTCP ( Tricalcic Phosphate ). Hialuronic acid gives deep hydratation to the skin with inmediate results, and tricalcic phosphate increases new collagen production, giving smoothness to your skin, in this way we try to obtain a smoother and brigther facial skin.

Now is a good moment to do this treatment, previous to summer time, so our skin will be prepared to endure, in a better way, sun aggression to it.

Special Summer 2012 Promotion

We have a special promotion for this treatment with a very interesting prices, including a two-sessions treatment. Our first informative and assessment visit is free.

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