2013 Special prices

Adjusted prices!! Facial lifting with Radiesse or Atlean, Botulinum Toxin, Hyaluronic Acid, all at half price!! Comparte ! Tweet

Skin Mesotherapy Protocol

Young patient without skin damage One intradermically  SKIN-B phial on  central areas of the face. One weekly session during the first month. Two biweekly sessions. One monthly session to maintenance. Prices: 150 €  per session, 6 sessions of initial treatment …Continue reading

Atlean before summer time

Atlean is a facial filling product that we use to avoid or  decrease the facial skin flaccidity, it is composed by a mixture of hialuronic acid and ßTCP ( Tricalcic Phosphate ). Hialuronic acid gives deep hydratation to the skin …Continue reading

Facial regeneration with growth factors

The technique of CELLULAR REGENERATION with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) offers new treatment options in Aesthetic Medicine. We could say that the epidermal growth factors (EGF) regulate the restructuring of the epidermis and dermis and have a deep influence on the …Continue reading

Facial bioplasty / Facial outlining

The objective of this technique is to improve the facial oval, that is, the outline of the face. It is performed by means of placing a top-quality biocompatible material with a cannula or needle, whose function is to moisturise the …Continue reading

Hair mesotherapy

This procedure consists in applying a special cocktail composed of biostimulants, cytoprotectors, nutrients, vasoactives, antioxidants and protein protectors in ideal proportions to be able to increase the quantity and quality of the hair in the treated area. Improve the resistance …Continue reading

Facial mesotherapy

With mesotherapy we introduce active principles within the skin by means of small punctures (manually or with special pistols. The active principles that are introduced can be varied: hyaluronic acid, vitamins such as vitamin A and C, which have been …Continue reading

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