Hair mesotherapy

Publicado el 17 de October de 2011

This procedure consists in applying a special cocktail composed of biostimulants, cytoprotectors, nutrients, vasoactives, antioxidants and protein protectors in ideal proportions to be able to increase the quantity and quality of the hair in the treated area. Improve the resistance of the hair cylinder and alleviate hair loss.

What are the indications?

In the treatment of every kind of baldness, androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness), metabolic, areata and as a prevention of hair disorders caused by bad treatment with physical and/or chemical agents.

How is it applied?

By means of massages to the scalp that penetrate into the skin with a special roller that carries out microperforations assuring the penetration of the product. It is painless as ice is applied to the area to be treated or in very sensitive patients where an anaesthetic cream is applied.

What protocol is used?

As a minimum three sessions should be performed, one every 15 days. Afterwards maintenance sessions every month.

Approximate price::

150 Euros per session

Three session voucher (Shock treatment ): 300 Euros

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