Treatments aesthetic medicine

A detailed and personalised facial study is essential. The requirements are different for each person depending on the degree of aging and defects that need to be corrected. For this, on the first appointment, we will carry out a detailed and personal diagnosis of the facial aesthetic alterations that have to be improved, a photographic study and treatment planning.

Facial bioplasty:

Medical technique consisting of treating to harmonize the facial outlines (jaw cheekbones, chin, nose). The material used is biocompatible and resorbable, its effects being visible in the long term.

Facial anti-aging:

The objective of non-surgical facial lifting is to reduce the effects of facial aging as much as possible by means of using different products ( Radiesse, Atlean) and at different sessions, giving a renewed aspect to the face.

Botulin toxin:

Using new generation botulin toxin to make wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, around the lips, etc disappear. Its effect is temporal.

Rhinomodelation / Rhinoplasty without surgery:

By means of using temporal filling products aesthetic defects of the nose are hidden, without the need for surgery, but with similar results. This is even carried out without anaesthesia.

Facial fillings:

Using hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite, biocompatible products, with the aim of giving volume to those areas which need it, and in this way achieving a firming effect.

Lip augmentation / shaping:

By means of using hyaluronic acid, especially designed for its use on the lips, an increase in the volume of the lips in a natural way is achieved.

Neck aging:

The objective in this case is to reduce as much as possible the aesthetic defects in this area: double chin, platysma muscles, horizontal wrinkles, etc by means of using the before mentioned products.

Facial mesotherapy:

With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), hyaluronic acid, or the latest generation of vitamin complexes. The PRP introduced by subcutaneous injection in the manner of mesotherapy repairs the damaged tissue and produces important changes on the aged skin, such as: restoring the cutaneous vitality, increasing the thickness, recovering the elasticity, improving the vascular flow and increasing the smoothness, luminosity and appearance of the skin. As it relates to a biological stimulation of the cell regeneration and not a filling material it avoids the appearance of asymmetry. This is the ideal treatment to improve the quality of the skin at any moment of the year. This treatment could also be combined with many others in order to achieve the ideal result for each type of skin and patient.

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